Hi there, my name is Kelly McKenzie, I am a diploma qualified clinical nutritionist with an interest in overall wellbeing. 


Hi there, my name is Kelly McKenzie.  I am a mum of two beautiful children and have a passion for all things holistic.  I have always been a believer in what you put in your body plays a big part in overall health and wellbeing.

My story began in my late teens when I struggled with panic attacks on a daily basis, which over time, followed with anxiety and mild depression.  Being the type of person who has always been cautious of conventional medication, I began to look at natural remedies to support my wellbeing, these included regular exercise, stress reduction and a diet which consisted of whole foods.

In my early 40's, and after having two children who in their own right, had health issues, which I rectified by understanding that they were linked to diet.  I decided to study nutrition to become an expert on how the body is affected by what we eat and the impact our general lifestyle choices have on it.  Not to keep all of this amazing information for myself I felt that it was important to be able to help and educate others on their choices.

I currently hold a Diploma of Nutrition from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies and I am a Registered Clinical Nutritionist with the Clinical Nutrition Association of New Zealand.  My clinic is based in Greenhithe, Auckland.

I have a special interest in mental health, neurological conditions, cardiovascular concerns; digestive and women's health.

To learn more about how I may be able to help you in your health journey please feel free to contact me.